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1962 Chevrolet Impala 2dr Hardtop Match #’s 283 V8
Located in Port St. Lucie, FL

VIN# 2 18 47 B 109964
year ImpV8 sc2dr Balt. MD serial

Trim 10A
Tag Style 62-1847 Body 8A 192
Trim 866 Paint 920
Acc 2
Trim 866 is Fawn interior, and paint 920 is an Autumn Gold.

Motor is a Matching # 283 V8, w/ a power glide transmission.

This is a whole car just needs to be reassembled how ever you like
2 grills and all front trim
2 tail moldings and all surrounding trim
OEM rear wheel skirts (metal)
Doubles of almost all side, outer, and interior aluminum trims
New headlight trim panels
New front blinker lenses
Many new emblems
New taillight lenses and chrome trim rings plus about 2-3 cars worth of factory ones
All dash components, cluster, and molding are in great condition except no factory radio.
Power steering
White bench seat and rear
All interior panels and trim (Fawn)
All rear and side glass
This car is a solid metal car it was purchased from a welder, Any panels that where replaced
Have been done with metal.
Doors, Fenders, and rear quarters are solid no patch panels inside or out.
The whole Floor, panels, braces, and rocker rails have been professionally installed
Using a donor car, They are all solid except the drivers foot area (pictured) needs a new panel
It was the only one not worth keeping. But the braces under it are good.
The area where the roof meets the body has been cut out and welded back with new metal.
There are a few panels (pictured) that have small areas cut out and are waiting for a patch
But what you see is what you get there is nothing hidden with this car.
All of the panels of this car are clean and free from rust, with the exception of the following also
(pictured) Lower trunk well floor, The 2 corners of the trunk where the body mounts always rust,
I have new body mounts for that area also from the donor car already cut and ready to go in. The deck lid
Is in almost new shape until you get to the lower part of the lid below the tail lights, There are a few small rust holes where water sat in there. I have photographed all of the areas that need work, everything else is
Original and solid metal.

The only 2 pieces that this car does not have is the front bumper witch was beyond saving and the front windshield was cracked and has not been replaced yet. But the Doubles and extras of all other trims, if sold make up more than what it would take to replace the few things this car needs. Thank you for looking and I can be reached either here, or at [email protected]
i have more pics but posted the main points of interest, site would only allow this many.

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