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64' Biscayne project

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I might be getting a 64 Biscayne in the near future. I don't want it...I have another project in mind..but I'm sure someone on here wants it and will do it some good.

I haven't seen it yet but from what they told me it don't have an engine or tranny but everything else is is all there and good.

I just want to see if anyone is interested. let me know if yall are interested and I'll make sure you have a chance to get it.

by the way i'm in central Illinois
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Is it a post car? I think all Biscaynes are post, but I could be wrong.
Originally posted by concrete@Aug 8 2005, 02:45 AM~3559323
whats a post car?

If you look at a regular 64 when the front and rear windows are rolled down it is a wide open space. A post car has a post there. ;)
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