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I recently put a rear end in the 64 and a used tranny but the mechanic had to cut the drive shaft like an inch 1/2 because it was to long now the car runs strong but I can't take off fast because it feels like the drive shaft is hitting something. Any ideas?? Thanks for the help.
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check the center support,the bushing is out of place or is rotted out :cheesy:
I bought the center support brand new when they put the tranny on. Do you think it wasnt installed right? If it is right what else could it be?
if it sounds like something banging on the floor, its the center bearing..
Originally posted by IMPALAPIMP@Aug 26 2003, 10:05 AM
I bought the center support brand new when they put the tranny on. Do you think it wasnt installed right? If it is right what else could it be?
1.the bushing poped out
2.bad rear end gears
3.low/no oil in the rearend shaft out of balance
but check the bushing first,its a common problem
Thanks a lot guys. Ill check that when I get home..any body know any shops in the Sacramento area that balances driveshafts, if you do how much is it?
And don't forget to check your U-joints.
you need to get a solid carrier bearing to stop that prob thats what i have in my 63 and my drive shaft runs like a pro

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i beefed my stock one up and it works great, i just used scrap metal too cuz i know those solid ones can get a bit pricey
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I found out what it was. It was the center bearing but not because it broke or anything it was because the idiot mechanic that cut the drive shaft cut it from the back end causing the center bearing not to line up where its supposed and its only on with one bolt and a stripped one at that. Do I need a new drive shaft or can i just drill a new hole for the other bolt? Also I changed the one bolt it had with a proper one and tightened the shit out of it and it stopped knocking but I know that eventually with only one bolt its gonna come loose. Any quick fixes, or if you know any shops around the Sacramento, CA area that speacialize with this kinda stuff let me know. By the way im new to this site and I just wanna thank all you guys for sharing your knowledge of the subject... :cool:
As long as you have a slip yoke in the driveshaft, go and get a new tube put in... Any truck driveshaft/clutch shop should be able to do it and turn it around to you in one day. They can add a tube of any length.

Check spring shops too sometimes they do drive shafts.

It shouldn't be too expensive.

If you dont have the slip yoke, you'd be better off ordering a new back half from Island or Arizona Drivelines. or have the place put in a slip.

Lift the ass and measure, then drop it and measure, then you know your range.

Good Luck.. Don't worry about it. It's very typical to have Shaft problems.

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also, cutting the back end is the correct way to do it. He just cut too much. If you go with a solid rear half, you'll probably need to chain off to keep your cyllinders from extending too far otherwise you will definately bend the shaft.
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