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I am 8 years into my restoration. putting an ls6 into a 65 impala ragtop. my floors were completely shot. I had the body off and did my engine/trans/frame work. Now I am on to the body.

I braced the doors. I then cut out the trunk pan. I have a one piece trunk pan. I have it in the car now. Not welded to anything. There are six bolts that go to the frame. I have all six in there, started but not snug. I have the four bolt holes for the firewall to the frame close. They need to be shimmed.

My question is...I remember the original pans being flush at the ends and not overlapping the 1" like the replacements. Is this normal for the replacements to be longer?

Also, am I correct to think that the car must be straight with the bolts all lined up? The six in the rear would make the trunk OK and the four up front would make the body good?

Here are some photos of the pan in the car on the frame.

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