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Paintjob by David of Priceless Paint in Asperen in the Netherlands.

Car was white,was in need of a restauration with a new right sidepanel welded in and more places that needed welding.
Engine was mild overhauled,gearbox was done a couple of years ago.
23 layers of paint.Most of them are the candy and clear layers of paint.

Pinstriping done by Ruben Ooms.

Paint inspired by the famous custom painter Larry Watson and of course the cult impala Gypsy Rose.
I will hope you all like my lowrider.
There are not so many lowriders in my country.
Owner John Oron,clubpresident of Unity Lowrider CC,chapter Holland.
City Rotterdam.
Country the Netherlands in Europe.

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I believe this makes you a honorary Chicano lol. Regardless what country you go to there is not many like this in general. Great work!
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