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67 impala clean califas car!

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here is the impala i am selling its located in walnut,ca i am asking 7500 its clean the paint job is black peral there is lots to tell about this car its got a 327 V8 2 speed power glide email me for questions either here or at [email protected] its also on ebay for a few more days so thanks for your interest frank

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that is a nice ride homie good luck with the sale!!!!!!!!!
help me sell this bad boy!!! who wants this car!!!!
I'm in the market, once i sale my 75 Lincoln i have posted on layitlow.
taking trades?
i can consider a trade and some cash what you got to offer???
sell that lincoln asap!!! buy this ride!!!!
Originally posted by lakepiped1940@Sep 2 2006, 12:37 AM~6090349
i can consider a trade and some cash what you got to offer???
yup i got a got a 67 mustang coupe with alot of work done to it, it has a complete drive train all hipo the car is a frame off it was media blasted and had some panels replaced it just needs to be painted and put back together. and of course some cash, i have over 11k invested on the stang with tittle in hand
i cant take a project like that i have 9 other projects i am working on dont need another sounds great hope you get alot for it good luck
yea also i was asking like 8500 for this for a min now so i got tired of waiting so i was going to list it at around 7300-7500 cause i seen alot of these going from 9-11k all i want is 7400 is that to much to ask for? why are people trying to get a deal out of me for 6000??? nah i think i rather keep it and sell something else!!! i loaned some one money they bring me this fucken car i didnt want and know i am fucked out of 7400 bucks!!! this shit sucks!!! its a nice car but i want my money!! but please i can eat 400 bucks and never loan any one money anymore but dammit i cant eat 1400 bucks!!!! please to any one else who wants to make offers!!! i am not taking no less then 7k for it!!!!!
damn that is a nice ass 67.
good luck on the sale
damn bro, i feel u i just want out of this mustang i hate fords, its a nice project and its goin to be a high dollar car when its done but i hate putting money into a ford lol good luck with your sale
ill give you my caddy and some cash ;) whats up :)
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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