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What's craccin'?...

Current project is a 79 aerocoupe, previous owner installed buccet seats and removed alot of trim and wiring.
So it has already been fun... Only changes I've made so far are a built big blocc and built th400, new fuel lines and i got luccy cuz the tank was beautiful and rust free inside, 9c1 front coils and shks, '89 rear euro panel, shaved firewall, and I have a complete wilwood brake set for the front. I'm lookin to either go '90 ls brougham for interior or '90-'92 d'elegance interior.. Few differences but both luxury vehicles with door belt assemblies.. And updated rear belt set-ups. Not sure about the moonroof, rim size (some 24" gfg or asanti rims.. Or some 13x7" 72 or 80 spoke daytons or zeniths), or if i wanna chop it up or not... Never really seen too many big blocc lowriders on the scene.. and as long as I'm not a hopper i believe a lil bouncin and tippin should go smoothly..

I will decide by new years.

Few pics..


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