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86 Sierra Classic problem

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My truck is doing some clicking sounds, as well as hesitating a lil bit when I give it gas to take off. Once it clicks and hesitates it runs fine. Just when I come to a stop and wanna take off it does that sound and won't go right away even if i floor it! Any thoughts or suggestions? It has a 305. Did a tune-up back in Feb. and rebuilt the carb and radiator 2 months ago. Does not over heat or smoke. Could it be the cat converter being clogged? O2 sensor? Bad timing? Vacumm leak? Fuel pump?
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check your firing order, fuel filter, carb cleaner, check for air leaks, swap carb, dissy cap might be broken, coil might be bad start swaping parts. worst case you end up with extras. fire up your truck at night see if you notice any electic sparks

new spark plugs or at least clean and gap, used or new spark plug wires

play around and report back
will do joey. Ima start buying parts. Ill let you know. Thanks alot
sounds like a fuel problem to me. Get a fuel pressure gague on it and see what its at when sitting and when you suddenly open the throttle etc and see if it drops real bad or anything. That or timing. Since it runs good at higher rpms i would rule out alot of parts that either work or dont work. Could also be a sensor, do you have a service engine light? Can you check it for codes?
CoupeDTS- I do NOT get the service engine light on. So im guessing its a mechanical problem, not excatly an electrical one. maybe a component needs adjusting or replacing..?? Ima get a fuel pressure gauge and start there. Thanks man. Ill get back to you. :cool:
I have an 86 K-5 blazer as my daily driver, does your truck act up when its cold or warm?
Try a new choke pull off, see if that helps.
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