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Alright, sorry I haven't responded ive been away for the past week and havent been online to check this. So lets get this all straightened out before everyone goes pointing fingers:
Yes I did by the car with the Juice already on it. Probally the worst set up and install ever, but it was juiced. I said i did it myself becuase i completly redid everything considering the juice was almost 3 years old and shit was bound to break. I replaced all the lines, not just some, all of them, all new Extreme hydraulics cylinders all around. New italain style dumps, re wired it all. Two new switches. And this was all within the first month or so of owning it. I mean im not hating on Wayne here, But the set up was so poorly thrown together it was a joke, I mean first off it wasn't even bridged or chained. The welds on the rearend that held the powerballs on were horrible, im surprised they lasted as long as they did, and the pumprack was a disgrace. I mean most people use round tube or 1x1 or 2x2 box tubing, I think he used some jump off fence posting from lowes that broke within 2 weeks of me owning the car becuase the weight of the two pumps was WAY to much for the shitty metal. I mean when i took everything out and redid the trunk I could bend that metal with my hands it was so weak. I redid everything with 1x1 box tubing instead, and bolted it to the frame not to the trunk floor. And i did redo everything myself, yes i had some help with some welding cuz im not the best at that yet, but for the most part everything was done myself.
The tranny in the car was fine, it was slow going into reverse when i bought it, so i finally checked the tranny fluid a few weeks after i owned it and noticed it was bone dry! so thats another fault.

Anyway, enough of this childs play, I'm not hating on wayne, he seems to know a hell of alot about juice, but i just wouldnt trust him doing any installs on my car, but thats just from what ive come to learn.

And the cars not for sale anymore, thanks to those who were interested tho, I'm keeping it and doing some big things to it. I do have some parts for sale tho if anyone is interested. Check the thread for them. Thanks for your time, sorry to cause any incoveinces.

41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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