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i have decided to some up all my posts and and make one large sale heres the list if you dont see why you need let me know regardless cause i have many parts compiled and i need to make space.


i am selling a used lt1 starter off of a low mileage 96' FWB w/75k miles on it...its the smaller style stock original was taken off to put an lt4 starter in place of it... $50 shipped

Pair of lt1 cast iron heads with practically no mileage on them about 10-15k miles on the rebuilt before was pulled out of wrecked FWB these heads have absouletely no crud no CARBON BUILD UP really really clean....brand new stock replacement springs...will include head bolts,water tube w/bolts,valve covers w/bolts,stock rocker arms & hardware also stock almost new pushrods.
$165 Shipped these things are heavy guys....

I currently have for sale a complete set of stock fuel injectors for the lt1 24lbs w/ clips $35 shipped

also a complete set of hydraulic roller lifters SEALED POWER with not even 5k miles on them $30 shipped...

stock fuel pressure regulator $15 shipped

94' exhaust manifolds with AIR options plugged...$65 shipped...

A.I.R. PUMP emissions pump and alum bracket $25 shipped

i am selling a used comp cams 07-502-8 specs can be viewed on there site here this is a 218/224 cam on a 114 lsa .495/.503 w/1.5 with 1.6 max lift is .537 on the exhaust...
this cam has no miles on it was installed in motor but taken out due to the customer wanting something smaller....dont ask..
cam pin already sized to .620 for proper opti operation...

Stock 9c1 Tranny coolers (coolers only no lines) $30 shipped have one more left...
(2) Altenators 140amp $60 shipped
Used Belt Tensioner $15 shipped
Stock Tranny Pan 4l60e $15 shipped
(2) Power Steeering Pressure lines w/sensors $20 shipped
Power Steering Resivoir w/o cap with return hose $15 shipped
Radiator Cover/Shroud Plastic piece $25 shipped
Stock Torque Convertor 4l60e 92k miles on it $75 shipped
Valve Covers Centerbolt lt-1 (2) $20 shipped

GSS307M USEDw/ about 25k miles on it $35 shipped no plug,no strainer...[255 ltr/hr pump]
GSS242 USED W/about 10k miles on it $50 shipped with plug,and strainer..[190 ltr/hr pump]
Stock lt1 Fuel pump with about 10k miles on it $25 shipped

Complete Brake Booster,Master Cylinder Prop Valve W/Brake Bolt Mod Done everything $80 shipped
Driver Side Complete Brake rotor,Caliper,Spindle $85 shipped
Pass Side complete brake rotor ,caliper,spindle $85 Shipped
Stock transmission crossmember (2) $15 + shipping
Transmission Flywheel/Convertor cover (x3) $15 shipped
Windshield Washer Resivoir (x3) $15 shipped
Coolant Resivoir with cap and sensor $20 shipped
(3)b-body Winshield wiper motor (Working) $20 shipped
2" Marshall brand 0-100 efi fuel pressure guage
used with inline t-fitting $15 shipped small dent on ring of guage very small.
2 1/16" it says that ATM-2623 oil pressure mechanical 0-150 psi this is also a Z-series guage $18 shipped
Driveshaft 9c1 80k miles on it with good u-joints and yoke $75 shipped
Driveshaft 93-96 Caddy Fleetwood 1' longer with u-joints good and yoke $75 shipped.
91-96 CAPRICE,IMPALA Rear tailight harness complete no splices $35 shipped

A/C used evaporator small radiator under the dash for a/c $25 shipped
Radiators good no leaks 3 to choose from $65+ shipping
9c1 Stock used oil cooler $40 shipped
Water outlet housing t-stat housing $8 shipped


Rearview Compass Mirror with plug and plastic cover piece complete with reading lamps $25 shipped
4-sale 4-sided molded trunk carpet kit $55 shipped no holes,no tears,no rips....
(3)Door Panels no door pulls with cloth tops missing one rear panel no switches,no arm rest...small cracks $40 shipped
2 1/16 Phantom Series Volts Guage Some small scratches on trim ring no dents. $20 shipped
Rear interior speaker covers Black & Blue $15 shipped
Pass Side A-pillar Blue no broken clips $20 shipped
(2) 2 1/16 Guage pillar pods not complete pillar just section..
1 with small orange and red bulbs $20 each shipped
Rearview Mirror w/reading lights w/o auto dim or compass $15 shipped
Rear Pass Side ArmRest Blue all clips good $15 shipped
Bonneville Seat Tracks w/motors wiring harness and control switches these are 12 ways motors function $85 shipped
used fleetwood climate control unit out of a 95' Fleet in great condition no cracks or scratches....but with no plug.
i am asking $15 shipped
Driver side 2 switch in one window switch p/n#20061549 GM packaged
this is a switch 4 most gm cars 81-89 Caprices,monte carlos,regals,gran prix's,cutlass,parisenne,bonneville,98,88 this is a pretty common style switch brand new in the box $25 from dealer
asking $10 shipped
93-96 Caddy Fleetwood Instrument Cluster Bezel (x2) $20 shipped
AirBag sensor $15 shipped

cadilac Fleetwood 93-96 Rear Pass Side Window Glass $25 + shipping.
Driver Side Blue A-pillar from cop car so it has hole i have (2) $20 shipped
Inside door rubber insulation out of CAdillac Fleetwood for all 4 doors (SOUND DEADNER MATERIAL) $20 shipped
3rd Brake lamp for 93-96 Caddy Fleetwood just lens $15 shipped
Caprice Instrument cluster bezel $15 shipped

91-96 Wagon Taillamp pass side $20 shipped

91-96 front headlamps both sides not hazy or yellow with brackets and corner lamps with turn signal options $50 shipped for both.
Rear bumper cover no tears no rips metallic purpilish blue color in perfect shape $65 shipped

Caprice Grill w/chevrolet on it $20 shipped
(2) Caddilac Fleetwood Wheels Alloys Alum 15" $30 shipped for each
Fender trim Set 93-96 Caprice or impala ss $55 shipped
Front bottom Corner air deflectors left and right all good tabs $20 shipped for both
(2) 9c1 Wheels good shape no cap no ring $20 each + shipping
93-96 Caddy Fleetwood Driverside Pass door chrome $20 + shipping
Rear 93-96 Caddy Fleetwood Springs (pretty Tall & stiff) $15 + shipping
93-96 Caddy Fleetwood Trunk lid $25 LOCAL P/U ONLY TO HEAVY
93-96 Caddy Fleetwood Pass. side doors Front and Rear
Front pass side door w/o door panel & chrome & glass w/window motor and mirror $40+ shipping
Rear pass side door w/o door panel,chrome,or glass w/mirror $30 LOCAL P/U ONLY TO HEAVY
B or D body OUTSIDE Kick panels all 4 $20 shipped
94-96 Caddy Fleetwood under hood fusebox cover $10 shipped
91-96 CAPRICE OR RMW headlamps left and right with complete bracket minus corner lamp $25 shipped each
91-96 Pass side Corner lamp w/turn signal clear w/no cracks $15 shipped
92-96 Driver Side Roadmaster Sedan Amber parking lamp $20 shipped small chip on corner
92-96 Roadmaster Sedan rear pass taillamp chrome trim and reflector which goes below brake lamp assembbly 2 sets $15 shipped

please let me know what you are interested in, pics can be sent to your e-mail addy upon request.if you dont see what you need up on here then let me know what you might need.i have some parts for all b-d bodies.
send me PM or you can e-mail me at [email protected]

thanks 2 all..

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do you have a good white, right rear door with molding for a 95 caprice?

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do you have front passenger fender for a fleetwood and a front door pannels for a 91 caprice with power windows?

If you do pls pm me, thank you.
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