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heres some pics its not real pretty but it only has 133xxx on dads friends son owned the car and he said the road flooded one night and the next day he got up and went to work in the car and when he was off work he got in the car and it wouldnt start. dad sprayed ether in the intake and didnt work so im guessing computer??? hes lookin for 400 obo

door has slight dent and fender has bigger dent

paint is faded and neads washed lol

seats are not ripped and fairly clean

back seat not as clean lol

door panels in good shape

133671 miles

his phone number is 270-785-9200 he will know more about it and is the man to talk to about negotiating make him an offer he will probably take it...its in the way but since its not too common we figured maby someone could use some parts or even fix the problem... thanks for lookin
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