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got a big body 95 fleetwood for sale... black on grey leather with black top moon roof stock cd player heated seats full size spare car had 160k on it but the engine is so quiet you wouldnt even think it had such high mileage... recently tuned up i have TONS of pics but cant find my usb cord i think some bitch grabbed it up last night honestly... its the brougham package...

you can buy it as it sits for 4000 / best or more after i start putting money into it (tint, rims, grille, sound)... if anyone would like to check it out let me know...

TRADES CONSIDERED i will try as soon as possible to get pictures up there, im sorry.. if you're local come check it out anytime..

[email protected]


i know i'll get shit for not having pics... car is immaculate im just going to have to buy another usb cord thats all..
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