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95 fleetwood..which sensor is this?

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the sensor on the driver side head(real close to the dipstick) of my 95 lt1 from my fleetwood...whats is its purpose? is it suppose to have 1 or 2 wires? i keep reading different things while on google but im guessing its from a f body lt1
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If you a referring to the round sensor that is screwed in the head. Its actually a the temp sensor for vehicles equipped with a temperature gauge inside the car. Fleetwoods don't use a gauge.

Take a picture of it
thats what i keep it basically useless?? mine has 2 wire but one is cut...this doesnt affect the dummy light on the dash does it?
coolant sensor should be in the passenger head. Down by the oil filter there might be a oil pressure sensor, all LT1 has the oil pressure sensor behind the intake on top the engine but some maybe the camaros etc that had gauges would have another oil pressure sensor down by the oil filter on the block.

Some of the temp sensors are bogus tho, always breaking. Theres one on the tranny lines that if bad it causes your car to shift late, using more gas. people said just unplug it and that will fix it, I did and yea it fixed it. Parts stores dont even list that trans temp sensor.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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