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Hey everyone,
Just joined this forum looking for some info.
Not really trying to build a lowrider but considering all the suspension work that entails, figured this would be the place to ask.

So I have a 2006 Town Car. 100k miles, mint condition, really nice car. Hope to keep it for many years. Just not a fan of the wheels.
I REALLY prefer the look of the 98-02 16" 12 spoke wheels, but come to find out they won't fit the '06. The whole suspension got widened in the '03 refresh and the older wheels with less positive offset won't fit without sticking out of the fenders.

How big of a project would it be to swap suspension components from an early 3rd gen to my car? I can get a 98-02 for pretty cheap and have all the parts I need, and am perfectly capable of turning a wrench to swap parts around, just not sure I would want to do it if it requires cutting and welding stuff on this nice of a car.

Looking at pics online kinda looks like the whole front crossmember would have to get swapped, but would it just bolt on to the newer frame or are the mounting locations different? What about rear axle? I'm assuming just swap it for the older shorter axle?

Would this be a bolt on swap or am I looking at major surgery? Trying to stick to just using factory off the shelf components instead of cutting up a nice car.
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