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99 saturn

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damn this car is a piece of crap i got it free so im not trippin but the car runs fine but then somedays it wont start it cranks but wont turn over and i already searched all over the internet and i guess all saturns have this problem anybody have a clue what it could be ?????????? :mad:
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can you hear the fuel pump coming on?
yeah i can hear it the car acts like it wants to turn on but never does
get a noid light for the injectors to see if they fire...
i think it might be the cps (crankshaft position sensor) im gonna swap it out today
Originally posted by lincolnswanga@Jan 20 2010, 10:30 AM~16350972
i think it might be the cps (crankshaft position sensor) im gonna swap it out today
well? i am curious about this info, i haven't seen one with an intermittent problem its either works or don't .... :wow: :wow:
nope i swapped it out last night and it still didnt turn over so i got my test light and tested the fuel pump fuse and it was not getting any power when trying to crank the car so just to see i ran a wire from the ignition fuse to the fuel pump fuse and bam it started up so basically i need to figure out why the fuel pump isnt gettin power??? :angry:
computer problem, we had the same thing on a van at the shop.......
it might be none of the above.

its the electrical part of the key cylinder on the column, it wears out. take off the column plastic, its on the left, white plastic harness going into it. wires are probably red, yellow, pink, etc. etc. its a common problem with Saturns.

done the swap in a few minutes on my brother's Ion. intermittent fail.
Does the security light ever come on the dash? I had had this problem with mine.
there was also a problem with saturns where in colder climates like here in wisconsin.....if it was damn cold out the car would not start at all.......

my mom found this by accident one morning she had a hot cup of coffee and she held it under the ignition and it started up!
damn i have been trying to figure this out but nothing yet saturns suck im about to junk this shit
what have you tried so far?

did you check the starter and solenoid?
yeah i got it to start now i took apart the damn inside fuse box and noticed that the main power wire going to it was all fried up so cleaned it all up and put it back together and so far so good the little junker is running around :biggrin:
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