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A Few more Nice Cars on Ebay

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Alright, just hooking you guys up, here is a few more nice cars on ebay....

sorry about the last one the 64 impala, i thought someone would like it, but i guess its built way too old school..........shit ill take it :cool:

Anyways, these cars are a bit nicer......and then i have a juiced deville??????
Why would someone do that? i thought fleetwoods is what you wanted????
Well, check it out, its at No Reserve, its a Repo, so its goin cheap!!!

1994 Cadillac Deville DTS 2 pump setup, Repo'd, NR, Decatur , IL

1990 Lincoln Town Car 2 pump setup, wires, No Reserve, Columus, OH

1965 Impala, super clean!, Not CUT!, Reserve is 7G, Las Vegas, NV

1983 Fleetwood Nice big Junker!!! :cool: jk bro. You guys know about this fleetwood, its super clean!, save him from those 22's!. Actually i like the 22's :biggrin: Cleveland, OH

1984 Monte Carlo Project Car Good Start Hydraulics good body TV's No reserve
Charles City, VA

1986 Regal Featured Car!! "El Jugador" Super Nice

Well, those more on thier but im tired of posting them so heres the link to the lowriders on ebay... Oh yeah, that peice of shit 2003 Nissan Frontier at the bottom is mine. Please no hating i got into minitrucks a while back
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damn i thought luis was joking about selling the regal.....he was 3 wheelin it down 23rd last weekend and now its on EBAy crazy.
check em out guys!!! yea that regal is tight!!!!!!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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