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accuculator question

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I'm running one pump with one dump for the front. I want to install an accumulator so I'll have some suspension. Will one accuculator do, right next to the dump in the single line before it T's into the 2 lines to the cylinders, or do I need an accuculator in each of the 2 cylinder lines after the single line T's?
Is the rule: 1 accumulator per cylinder even when using 1 dump for 2 cylinders (front or back) or is it; 1 accuculator per dump, where 1 accumulator will work when 1 dump is used for 2 cylinders (front or back) ??? THANKS FOR THE HELP.
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thats alot of weight on one accumulator. better go with two.
if you only use one then when you turn the weight will cause the fluid to transfer from one cylinder to the other.
THANKS man, 2 accumulators it is. I hung out with some fellas' from LA in the mid 1970's ('75-'78) and alot of that was home made then. At 48 years old I'm finally juicin' a car. And the beat goes on... Thanks again. Good lookin' out. Hats off to the old-timers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all power to you bro with the accumulators obviously 2 would be more sufficient for your set up and what a difference they make bro beautiful shit
Yo DaLOW, Thanks man. It's a trip that low-ridin' isn't just a west coast thing anymore, like years ago. I remember when I became hip to it, the fellas' in NYC never heard of such a thing when I would mention it while home visiting. Travel really is "education," Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I m an accumulator fanatic those things make your ride smooth like a cloud and they are fully adjustable ;)
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