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Does anyone ever use Adhesive to replace floors? I was thinking of using this stuff or something like it

Chem-Weld EP
A specially formulated two-part repair compound for thermoplastic automotive body panels such as TPO, polypropylene, olefin-based plastics including EPDM, and similar substances.
Designed for all thermoplastics; Eliminates need to identify type of plastic

No special preparation or adhesion promoters

100% solids; no solvents or VOCs; No isocyanates

Will not crack, pinhole or shrink

Adhesion in 20 minutes; Sands and feathers in 15 min; Paintable in less than 30 minutes
Suitable for rigid semi-plastic fenders, bumper covers, body panels, exterior trim, fender extensions, roofs, deck lids, trim moulding, consoles and armrest supports.
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