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Originally posted by lowriderlife@Nov 25 2003, 01:33 PM
use a high build epoxy or polyester primer---these will be "two" part primers so you will have a harderner------you also might look into an "etching primer" first and the the other-----there is also a really thick primer which is actually liquid filler that you can use----------good luck
thats really good...but would it be best to change the required panel before I dont know if by pits he meant little wholes in the sheet metal...cuz those panels would have to be change...or repair whit sheet metal...

after that the 2 base epoxy primer is a killer ;) ...i will do that to my ride when ready to restore...

Lowriderlife- you look like a really OG painter...candy, flakes, patherns...

do you have a step by step, or a technic on getting started...just after all the metal from the car is repaired...

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