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is AIM a good brand? there is someone that i know that is selling 4 AIM cylinders, 6 valves (i think AIM), 10 switches, 3/4 horesepower blowjax compressor, Optima battery, 1/2" line for $900. good deal?
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Buy the guy's battery...get the other stuff elsewhere. :)

Not sure who the absolute best cylinders are, but EAI sells cylinders, and I don't think I've heard bad stuff about them. Run 2 Viar 450 compressors, and Parker air valves. The switch box wouldn't be a bad thing to buy, I don't guess, and if the 1/2 inch line isn't cut up for that guy's car, the line would be fine, too. I'm just not big on AIM. Anybody who has around 5 different corporation names to attempt to sell their products without people knowing it's from AIM has issues.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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