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is AIM a good brand? there is someone that i know that is selling 4 AIM cylinders, 6 valves (i think AIM), 10 switches, 3/4 horesepower blowjax compressor, Optima battery, 1/2" line for $900. good deal?
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I insall and sell blowjax (aim,chassis tech) stuff and 1/4 of my business is selling stuff to people who bought other branded stuff and had it crapp out or got ripped off$$$$!. The cheap "gold" 2 pos valves are fairly nasty but the high pressure ones arnt too bad. They are going to stop selling them all togeter soon as they have the direct acting valves that absolutly kick ass. The low pressure aplo 3pos valves were shit but only a couple of dollars more get you the 250psi 3 position for tucks and these are very reliable and still cheap. Remember if you buy the cheapest of cheap stuff you cant expect it to be the best. The blowjax 3/4-1/2 hp comps are the goods, the 1/4hp will only get you A to B.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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