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did you do it?

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i say you can go either way

need alot of re-inforcment if you want to 3 wheel with hydros
due to batteries, pumps and rack weight

if you want air you will need a little trimming on the frame not much
not noticable either

you will have less weight
on the chassis
with the air suspension
can have a more confined set up with air, than with pumps and batteries for hydroz

the only hydro set up worth getting wold be a 4 pump 4 dump set up for indivudual corner control

with air individual control versus front back control is about $130 dollars
in valves

air suspension:
valves for individual corner control can be found for about $300

a decent tank $60

plumbing $100


p.switch $50

and 4 air bags for about 200-600 firestone being around 200 bucks
i have used firestones for years
have a set on the front of y car that have been on it since the first set up 10 years ago and they have been through constant abuse of around 300 psi

about $100 for the metal to make the brackets

then all you have to worry about is a compressor
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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