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OK, i know someone that owns a pretty professional car repair shop, that specializes in car electrics (which confuses the hell out of me). i've tried everything to figure out why my back air shocks aren't inflating to level my ride (i keep scraping the ground when people's in the back seat), and in the end he was like "hey give me $20.00 and i'll tell you exactly what's wrong with it!".

so i thought that's a pretty good deal, it's much cheaper than anyone elses quotes, and i figure once he tells me what's wrong, i can just replace it myself! now if it's something like the switch or whatever, i'll just go to a junk yard and get it, but i'm hoping he won't say "your compressor's shot, as well as your shocks" or something. if worst comes to worst, i'm not going to replace it stock, i'm going to go to AutoZone, buy a pair of these big white air shocks for $69.00, and then get a compressor and put it in the trunk and do it manually. now i was just planning on going to wal-mart and getting a 12v compressor and modifying it to work, but i want one that will inflate as fast as possible... i don't want to have my finger on the switch for 15 minutes till it gets to the right height! (i'm going to hook up a window switch on the dash, a temporary 'on' and 'off', so i can inflate and deflate the shocks manually).

now this is pretty urgent, because every Friday and Saturday night i go out and i've usually got at least 2 people (usually girls) in the back seat, and i don't want my gas tank scraping this time! Basically, i want to know what suggestions you guys have... if it's a basic problem like "the compressor's fuse is out" or something, then it's cool, but if i'm going to have to replace a lot of stuff, should i do all i can to keep it "stock" or should i go with a new compressor, etc. also, on the stock compressor, how much time does it take to inflate the shocks in the back enough, if the car's got, say, 500 pounds in the back seat... cause i don't want it to only be inflated enough so it's not dragging the ground after like 10 minutes you know =/

also, where's a good place to get original Cadillac air shocks (other than a dealer, and other than a junkyard, cause all the ones i've seen in yards are bleeding air... pieces of shit).

any suggestions people :)

Thanks a lot


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