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AirBrush With Compressor

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I have a pretty nice Badger air brush kit i bought about a year back. Its a GOOD kit, not one of those little cheap brushes. Allthough its not one of those very EXPENSIVE brushes, its done very good for me. I just upgraded to a new brush, and always had an extra compressor so its time for them to go. Ill post pics later on today when i get to my Garage.
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Turns out this brush isnt a Badger. I got it mixed up with my old one. Its an Iwata, wich is still a good company. Ill take 100 bucks for it.


Dont let the hoppers fool The gun is clean.

Theres an extra needle in there as well, and the lubricant. And some other fittings.

Dont let the hoppers fool The gun is clean.
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Those compressors are going for 100 dollars on ebay without an air brush.

EBay Link
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