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alignment ?

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i did a search and couldnt find a post about this so dont burn if me you already discussed this ..

im tryin to figure out if you guys ever get an alignment or not. im planning on putting in some hydraulics, but is there any way to have your car set up to get an alignment? or do you just have it up all the way and go with that .

reason im asking is i know for air bag guys you can install sensors that keep your set up at certain prepostioned ride height.. just push level 2 and your at a certain spot .. no hittin the switch till you feel even .

btw .. if you cant tell, yea i new to the game but im not gonna ask a million dumb questions .. i do my research on my projects. just lowriding is new project for me .
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I would just align it all the way down. trying to get it to drop to the same height would take to much thought.
thats what im sayin .. tryin to find the same spot isnt going to happen .. for me .. alignment with it all the way down wont work . im tryin to lay frame.

biggest reason is everytime your car is raised or lowerd you affect your tow , camber , and sometimes caster .

i always paid attention to these things cuz i drive lowered cars and use adjustable coil over suspension .. if you dont get an alignment you end up chewing up your tires really fast ..
With hydraulics, you do your own alignment. :biggrin:
If you get extended arms, doing an alignment when it is all the way down would defeat the purpose of extending the arms. It actually really depends on what you want the car to do. If you want to hop, an alignment is out of the question. If you just want the car for up and down, then you may be able to find a happy medium. Also, if you have hydraulics and you pay someone to do it at a shop and they notice that you have an adjustable suspention, they will not guaranty the work. So why pay to have it done when you could do it yourself. Just my 2 cents. :biggrin:
Very few alignment shops will fool with lowered cars. The only thing I've found you can do is to buy the alignment tools and do your own. The tools aren't expensive and the process isn't difficult. (there was an article in one of the "custom rod" magazines quite awhile ago on this topic. I'll find it and fill you in on the info in it prior to the end of this weekend- if you want it) This way, if you have a certain height and or position that you do a majority of your driving in, you can get the car there and set everything to be as straight as possible at that point. With hydraulics, you'll have to figure out some kind of simple reference point / system in order to find that desired ride height / position each time, but through trial and error, you'll beable to do it. But like the guy in the last reply said, it all has to do with whether you're bouncing around alot or just using the hydraulics to change the stance of the car periodically. I use mine (hydraulics) to drop the hell out of the car when the streets allow it and I am able to keep my Michelin tires in relatively good shape. It just takes alittle time and effort. But to me, having my car "JUICED" is worth any and all the time and effort it takes. I see that you mentioned "air bags" and I know that alot of guys have gone to them over the years, but for me (to each his own), the old-fashioned hydraulics are the coolest. To me, they are still just as cool today as they were 30 plus years ago when I saw my first real "Lowrider." Good Luck!
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aight i see.. that'll work .. yea ill just figure out a reference point and do my own allignment.. to me its worth it to have hydraulics, i wanna do the old school thing.

but at the same time i guess tires wont be that expensive either cuz im gonna go with 13's
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