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another damn alternator question

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hey all
sorry about all my dumb ass questions, but here is one more....
my new chrome alternator seems to be getting extremely hot
i can't even touch it for more than a second
is this normal?
it is a 100 amp, or so i was told
thanks everyone for any help
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anything chrome will always get hot especially an alternator
so hot you can't even touch it?
if so , i won't worry so much
how long does it run before its that hot??

what kind of load are you putting on it?? if youre trying to charge some severely dead batteries,, it will get hotter than fuck!
chrome doesnt dissipate heat like a pure aluminum shell does..
it just holds the heat in

thats why chrome alternators are usually for show purposes and not street use because it'll get too hot and possibly die.
but there's lots of people that run chrome alts and i never hear of they're shit dyin.....dayum i wanna get a chrome alt but i dont' want that shit dyin out all quick on me.
i guess it was runnin for at least five minutes or so
it seems to be charging pretty good right now
i bought a tester and it was reading just like it should
since this is my show vehicle, i'm not gonna worry too much about the heat thing
i do understand chrome will not dissipate heat like aluminum does
i was just a little concerned cause i don't want the shit burnin up on me
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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