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**any lifted bbody caprices in here wanna help**

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alohas from HEAVIES car club of HAWAII, wussup. hey i have a 93 bbody caprice, and im just about half way into lifting this bitch. i cut off the stock spring perches because one of them were kinda bent. so im gonna be using a 8"x2"x1/4" channel iron as my perch, going from frame rail to frame rail(the hump part of the frame over the rear end). it will hold my chain bridge and serve as my left/right rear spring perches. everything is cut and ready to go except i dont exactly know how forward or backward i should place the new perch(when looking at car from the rear). i wanna place it where the cylinders wont be as cocked when i lock it up or when i dump it to the ground( keep in mind that the new perch is sitting on the top of the frame rails- meaning that the rear suspension of the car will sit atleast 2 -3 inches lower when dumped). oh and another thing whats the true way to set up the chain bridge???? like \/ or like /\ ???? before i tore my rear apart i could only 3 whl stance on the driver side. whats up with that haha. anybody wanna lend some advice. cause i cant wait to spank all the baggers out there...... fluid will always be the true way to alter suspension, they did it then and were doing it now.... why change it!!!!!! its all about them thangs 13,14,15's on gangster buffed outs baby, and remember folks lettem know that:::BAGS ARE FOR GROCERIES.... you o.g's know exactly what im talkin bout hell yeah........ one love'

**could any of you peeps with b body(any new school caddys,caprices,roadmasters,etc.) rear suspension mods(hydraulic) please post some pics cause im kinda stumped. that would really help me out . for reals . thanks.
love, peace, and easy on the adobo grease.
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when u put the bridge...locate it where your origonal perches werecylinders are normmally straight up and down..when its time to do the chains i keep em 10's apprt on top and as close to the pumpkin as possiblei like to see.....\ /...but there are many opinions on this ...but goodluck
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