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Ok, well I am not sure what you are talking about here. But let me guess. You have a 85 say 350 block already installed in the car and you were thinking of adding a TPI to the top of it, but are not sure what there is to do, right or wrong? Or do you have the complete TPI engine and need to know how to install it?

If the first one is right, your better off going carburated with only 2 days. Because for the TPI to work properly you need the computer and additional sensors, like o2, throtle sensors, ect.

Now if you have a complete TPI engine with the computer and just need to wire it. You can use the stock harness, but you will need to only need a few wires from that harness, ALT, Bat, ECM, and the needed sensor connections. I know you don't have money, but if this is the case you have a TPI complete engine your would save more time by buying a wireharness from like Auto Zone the company that makes them are Painless Wiring, about $300 for the harness, but you only have 3 or 4 things to connect after pluging it into the car...Alt, Bat, Ecm, and some have a tranmission lockup switch.

Here is the wiring site:
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