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Anyone care to paint this car

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Im not one of those dudes that expects to get this painted for like $600. I know Ill have to spend some money. That being said, anyone interestred? The car is running perfect, just need some paint on here.


p.s. Email me at [email protected] , I dont log into this forum as much as I should. Also if someone was interested in helping ME do it for a fee, Id be open to that too. Im a Computer Programmer by trade, auto mechanic in my spare time so if you wanna trade some work Im open to that
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If anybody needs Paint give Rob Vanderslice a call 505-385-1095 , he painted Rollin Malo and Casanova. he can also give you Bill Sisneros' number from gotcha covered upholstery. You have to come to Albuquerque but its worth the trip.


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Originally posted by 91CADDY@Aug 2 2005, 02:36 PM~3528187
Well i think im gonna take a trip down to Hampton.  Does he do good bc/cc paint jobs?  If so how can I get in contact with him?
i think the number to Crazy Paint is 757-660-6070........ask for Corey, he can hook you up especially if you dont wanna spned like 5g's tell him that Chad sent ya ;)

and yeah he can do bc/cc, candy, pearls him up.....yeah he didnt pay for the paint, i bought that from smartshoppers but its still a hell of a deal, everyone else around Va Beach wanted like 3000-3500.......he hooked me up for less than half of that :biggrin:
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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