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applying epoxy primer...

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i herd the other day someone talking about applying epoxy primer with a brush or foam brush... whta the hell is that??? does that actually work. im not a painter by anymeans. but this just dont sound right. im in the process of makin my impala smooth.. and i want to put parts of it in epoxy while i do other majior bodywork over the winter.
ideas on how to go about the spray process would be greatly appreciated. would cans work??? or should i be giving it the gun treatment? any help would be great.. thanks.
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Highbuild primers over bodywork can be brushed on just over the area, that works fine.

You could brush on epoxy if you wanted to, but only if it's sandable, and you have a small spot here and there.............but I would spray the whole thing after bringing it all down to metal. Remember, epoxy is one of the only finishes that you could actualy do your bodywork over on......after scuffing of course.

As for how to spray it........with epoxy, the best and easest will be with a spray gun........true epoxies are 2 part with you won't find one in a srpay can, inless it's one of those tempurary custom filled cans, were you have to race home and spray it befor it gels and hardnes
sweet.. thanks for the info man.
i thought this question woulda brought out more answers.. but i guess not.
oh well.
least i got somethin to go on now.. lol..
with the epoxy.. it's 2 part with the hardner..
Should you have to thin it aswell?
I sprayed some today, but think that I didn't thin it enough..?
Painters will reduce just about anything to there liking.......but it takes some experiance to get the "feel" of it..............otherwise you are better off following the product's instruction.

What namebrand and type of epoxy were you using, and what kind of gun?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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