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ok i know its off ebay, but it sounds good and its somewhat within my price range

just goto ebay and type in "complete car audio" or something like that, comes with amp, subs, box, 6.5's or whatever size, cd deck, wires

are they just like ultra cheap subs that will blow after a week or are they any good?

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id say save $200 more and take a look at this way better *info from*

Deck: Clarion DXZ735mp--MP3 support, remote sub ($179 from thezeb w/pricematch) Wouldn't recommend the Blaupunkt as I'm not 100% satisfied with its features...but that's what experimentation's all about

Front Amp: Planet Audio P450 ($68 new from zedaudio) laughably underrated at 4x50

Mids: Vifa PL ($75 a pair from
Crossover: Custom job ($50 a pair from
Tweeters: LPG 26na ($70 a pair from

Sub: Tangband W8-704s ($33 from It will wreck any 10" near its price range.

Misc install stuff:
Sound King speaker wire, from
RCA's, power wire from

And that should be well under $600

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*This was written for sombody looking to put a system in a ford f-150 4 door. thought it might be of help to somebody*

You can easily put together an entire system for $700. With that price in mind, here are my recommendations:

1) Price out everthing you want online, look at and anywhere else to find the best prices for what you want. Then, try to get thezeb or sounddomain to pricematch everthing into one big order so you can save on shipping (thezeb does free shipping over $99)

Headunit: $190
If you want to be able to control your sub level from your headunit, you are looking in the price range of $175-225 online prices. If a dedicated subwoofer preout isn't important to you you could find something for $135-$175. I would suggest the former. Read this thread for the cheapest options.

I have the Pioneer Premier 550mp from I had them pricematch ikesound, final price with shipping was $182 ($3 cheaper thank ikesound). I probably would've ordered from thezeb anyways though, for the extra $10 I would rather have somewhere that will warranty it for me and is trustworthy. Here were my requirements
Easy mp3 navigation and good load time
-ability to read wma, mp3, and VBR mp3 files
-Preout for front and subwoofer
-subwoofer control on deck
-Rotary volume knob
-Decent FM tuner (so I can listen to NPR)
-I prefer a simple layout
The decks I compared in the price range were:
Pioneer 550mp
Panasonic MXE CQ-DFX683U
Eclipse 3403
Clarion DXZ635MP or DXZ735MP

Subwoofer: $55 Pioneer TW-S255c 10 inch
Best sub I have heard under $125. If you want to move up into that league there are alot of options, you might look at the e10k.14 at for $125. Pioneer also has some new SPL (read: loud) subs that have been getting some good talk, the 10" version TS-W1500SPL is $120 at and $110 at etronics.

Components: CDT CL-61a at $150
These speakers are plain awesome, you won't find anything else in the price range that can even touch them

Rear speakers: CDT CL-4x,5x, or 6x depending on your stock speaker size in back (I recommend the 6x if at all humanly possible) $48

Amplifier: Tons of choices here, I suggest a four channel amp, use the front two channels for your components and the back two bridged to a sub. one is US Acoustics USB-4085 from crutchfield.
It is $180 but comes with a 3 year warranty if bought through them (and if you search on you can find a $20 off offer) You might also read this thread for some other options. I did run across
some soundstream amps on that looked as if they could be promising as well, but I don't know anything about the new lines.

Wiring: order from or from wherever your major order is from to save on shipping, whichever is cheaper. I use knukonceptz, you can't beat it for the price.

Sub Box: build it yourself or get a subzone box from thezeb if there is one that will work for you (depending on sub choice, interior constraints, etc). $50 My opinion, unless you have 3/4" mdf, glue, screws, binding posts, and carpet laying around, it will cost you almost as much or more to build it yourself. Look at what they have, and don't hesitate to look at the possibility of slot loading the sub. Let us know what the space available is.

With everthing considered, this should put you right under $700.
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