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Antique Auto Parts
February 13th, 2010
301 S Lasalle St
Indianapolis, IN Payments Accepted:
Auction Brochure
Terms of Sale:
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’41 Windsor Officer’s Car, Almost Complete w/ Hood, Doors, Grills, Seating, Does Have Engine; CHEVROLET: 1963-67 Corvette Water Pump, GM98868320; Corvette Steering Column w/ Key; ’66 Corvette Hubcap; 1966 Corvette Antifreeze Reservoir; Small Block Chevy Starters; 1974 Chevy Big Block Intake Manifold GMT1340218; Chevy 4 Speed Overdrive Transmission;’62 -’65 Scissor Jack; ’57 Chevy Dash Light Housing; ’66 Impala Front Quarter Panel Nose; ’57 Chevy 283 Distributor, 1110974; ’59 Corvette Distributor, 283/250MP, 1110947; Excel 30100, S#B75246 Distributor; Distributor #359361; 35302 Chevy V8 Header Set; Big Block Chevy Harmonic Balancer; ’55 Chevy Oil Filter;’55 Corvette Delco-Remy Starter; ’62 Corvette 327 Exhaust Manifold, 3797902; Chevy 302, 307, 350 Exhaust Manifold, 3989041; 1981 Corvette Exhaust Manifold; Set Corvette Hood Latches; 1963-1970 327-350 Water Pump; Chrome Big Block Valve Cover for Factory Air; 1990 Corvette Dash Parts; 1955-’57 Chevy Dash; 1967-68 Rear Tail Light Set; ’86 Chevy Truck Window Motor; 1970 Corvette Tail Pipe Collectors; ’92 Corvette Rear Taillight Panel; Headlight Assemblies; 1980 Corvette Radio; ’70 Corvette Dash;’55 Chevy Hood Latches; Cadillac Spoked Wheel Hub Caps; Carter Genuine Carburetor Gaskets; [2] 1964 Cadillac Radios; ’58 Chevy Big Block 348 4 Barrel Intake Manifold; 1967 Chevy 4 Barrel Intake Manifold; ’71 Corvette Side Marker Mount; ’67 Chevy Intake Manifold; Small Block Chevy Performance Manifold; ’64-’65 Barracuda Front Chrome Bumper; ’67-68’ Camaro Front Chrome Bumper; 1980 Corvette Tuned Port Induction Manifold; ’63-’67 Corvette Front; Gas Tanks; 1957 Seat Covers; ’56 Corvette Interior Finish Panels; Multiple ’62 Impala Radios; Corvette Clutch Housings; Corvette Fend M/T Valve Covers; T-Tops; 1970 Corvette Dash; Corvette Side Mirrors; Headlight Assemblies; ’57 Corvette Interior Panels; Camaro Interior Panels; ’69 Camaro Door Panels;’84 Vette Rotor Assemblies; ’58 Vette Hinge Assemblies; Camaro 4-Speed Floor Mount Shifter; 1958 Vette Chrome Alternator; Camaro 4 Speed Shifter w/ Linkage; ’66 Impala Window Vent Assemblies; Aluminum Disc Brake Calipers; Corvette T-Tops; Bucket Seat Frames; ’57 Chevy Wheel Well; Cadillac Steering Assembly; 1963’-’67 Corvette Front; Corvette Front Spoiler; 1950 Chevy Truck Curved Side Glass; 1969 Camaro Interior Door, Left & Right, NEW Still in Plastic; ’58-’62 Vette Passenger Dash;’56 Eldorado Glass Rear View & Side Mirrors; Chevrolet V8 Valve Covers; ; ’69 Camaro Right Door; Corvette Spoiler; Small Block Chevy Performer Intake Manifold; [1] Set Cal Custom Big Block Vaned Valve Covers; ’57 Chevy Rear Fender; {2} ’47-’53 Chevy Left Fenders; [2] ’58-’66 Corvette Exhaust Manifolds, #3749965, ’62-’63 377 Vette Exhaust Manifold, #3750556; [6] ’55,’56, ’57 Chevy Wiper Motors; Fly Wheel Cover; ’66 Chevy AM Radio; ’67 Chevy Front Bumper; ’61-62’ Impala Mirrors; ’66 Impala Vent Windows; ’58 Corvette Alternator; Complete ’56-’57 Complete Corvette Interior Set, ’56-’57 Corvette Radio, 372515L; Chevy 302 V8 Block, 3970010, Chevy 2.8, Casting #1405482; Long Block w/ Automatic Transmission; 1980 Corvette Filler Panel; ’69 Camaro Interior Panels; ’69 Camaro Door; [2] ’62 Impala Radios; ’57 Chevy Front & Rear Fenders; Engine Stands; ’55-’57 Chevy Clutch Bell Housing; Chevy Hubcaps; Camaro Hood; DODGE: Dodge Valve Cover; 1964-65 Barracuda Chrome Front Bumper; GENERAL MOTORS: New GM Original Rebuild Kits; GM 28 Tooth 3.23 Dana Limited Slip Differential; 1991 GMC ½ Ton Front Quarter Panel; FORD: ’62 Ford Headlight Housing; Flathead Ford 8BA Heads; ’65-’79 Ford Motor Mounts; T-Bird Front Spoilers; Flathead Ford Head;; Flathead Ford Intake Manifold, 8BABRT6520; ‘57-’66 283 V8 Casting, 3849852; Ford 400 Cubic Inch Displacement Big Block V8; Nailhead w/ Transmission; 2.2 Block, Casting #1001494; 1964-67 327 Block 3858174; Ford V8 Block, Casting #361WCP22; 1980-85 Block, Casting #14010207; 351 Ford Block, 351-CCP29; 1956-57 265, Casting #3720991; Nailhead V8 Block; 5.0 Ford V8 Block; 1966-67 283 Block, 3896948; V8 Block, Casting #18016687; Ford V8 Flathead Exhaust, 9430R-3; Flathead Ford V8 Exhaust, 8BA-94191XR-3; Flathead Ford Exhaust 8BA-9431XR-4; Intake Manifold w/ Single Barrel Carburetor, 11632003; BUICK: Buick Moon Hub Caps; PONTIAC: ’95 Pontiac Sunfire Skirting Kit;’69 Pontiac Convertible Parts; Saganol 3 Speed Manual Transmission; CHRYSLER: Old Chrysler Hubcaps; Chrysler Carter Gasket Sets; OTHER ANTIQUES: Large Qty 5 Cent Northwestern Antq. Peanut Dispensing Machines; SHOP EQUIPMENT: Ingersoll Rand 7.5HP 2 Stage Vertical Tank Industrial Air Compressor; Westin Antq. Amp Meter1941 [13] Sections 8’ Pallet Racking; Antq Pedestal Fan; Patton Pedestal Fan; Steel Exhaust Pipe; Franklin Quick Change Rear End; Indy 500 Racecar Brake Calipers; AMC: 1971-83 AMC Front Left/Right Wiper Motors; PACKARD: Packard Front Grill; JAGUAR: Jaguar Jack Stands; OLDSMOBILE: ‘40’S Olds’ Lights; Old’s 442 Rear Bumper; Drill Press; Sandblasting Cabinet; Lg. Qtys. Engine Heads, Engine Parts, Cranks, Crankshafts, Heater Coils, Distributors, Steering Columns, Water Pumps, Heater Cores, Shock Absorbers, Gasket Sets, Wiper Sets, Mirrors, Door Knobs, Lenses, Frames; Large Qty. Racing Slicks; Old Bucket Seats; Dura Seal S.S. Exhaust Clamps; Monroe Shock Absorbers; Radiator Fans; Shock Sox; Large Qtys. NEW Borg Warner Parts; Holley Carburetor Parts; Piston Sets; LOTS OF GLASS: ’56 Eldorado; Front Glass, Rear Glass, Side Glass, Delco Remy Distributors; Large Numbers Complete Spare Tire Auto JacksAnchor Replacement Parts; Performance Head Gasket Sets; Marine Engine Parts; Sunroofs; Indy 500 Alum Brake Calipers; Lg. Qtys V-8 Header Sets; Lg. Qtys. Chrome Mirror Sets & Ornamentation; Chrome BRAND NEW Still in Plastic; Cragar & Ford Hubcaps; Delco Rochester Carburetor Sets; Antq Gage Sets; Old Scissor Jacks; Front Dash Instrument Clusters; Lg. Qtys. Piston Sets; Heater Coils; Heater Interior Coils; Lg Qtys Distributors; Hundreds Old Wiper Blade Arms; Buick Moon Hubcaps; Hundreds Distributors; Hundreds Lights, Lenses, Headlights, Turn Signals, Housings & Lenses; (40+) Assorted V-8 Heads; Steel Exhaust Pipe; Complete Corvette Front End; Gas Tanks; (15+) Assorted Transmissions; Beauty Rings, MORE & MORE & MORE Distributors; Toledo Steel Parts; Hundreds Carburetors; Exhaust Manifolds; Lots of Window Motors; (20+) Cranks; Intake Manifolds; Valve Covers; Ford & Chevy Tailgates; Corvette Side Doors; Car Hoods; Lg. Qtys. Doors; Headlight & Turn Signal Light Housings; This is only a very partial listing of what we have, probably only 15%. We are working as fast as we can to identify everything. Please check back, as we will be continually updating the inventory listing. There is an amazing quantity of quality parts!!!!
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