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bag rubbing

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hey everyone, just wondering how long a bag will last with it rubbing on the trailing arm. it only rubs when deflated and not very bad, i thought about relocating the bag that would invlove alot of custom fabrication such as a c notch and stuff to get it to sit as low as it does now, and on a 69 caddy a c nothc is a big job when the body is still atached. the bags are air lift bags. anybody have any idea these will last.? thanx
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ya, you might want to move the bag a little..

rubbing is not a good thing..
my buddie has the same problem on his caprice. its rubbing on the left front side, is already started leaking a little bit, so be might buy a new bag soon and get a shop to fix the placment of his bag or just cut the part thats rubbign off a little bit

Had the same problem with my Firestone 2600lb bags in the rear of my 61.I didnt want to make new brackets for the rear so I used Contitech 224c's with the offset holes on the bottom of the plate and it moved the bags 1 1/2" from the rearend.
well they dont rub when they are inflated so really they shouldnt be a problem since the street are to rough in this city ( edmonton Alberta Canada) to drive with it dropped. but i wil keep my eye on it and if they strta to show some serious wear marks i guess i will have to build new bracket....again......stupid cadillac

Try and put your 48 on a four wheel lift if you can,and lift and lower it.Check all the surrounding areas at different height levels.That is what I did at my buddies muffler shop.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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