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2000 Dodge Dakota
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What's good Lay it Low, let me start off by saying this is my first Air Bagged, Low Rider vehicle. My cousing had a 87 Lincoln with a crazy hydro setup, hitting switches in that joint was rediculious. This is way Different but still laid low and god damn fine asf. I picked it up kinda as is, as it sits she running 2 viair 44442 compressors, 2 tanks (theres a 3rd but idk what its connected to) and a 7 switch box from avs. When I got the truck the compressors were not turning on and the dash board was completley blank no radio not lights nothing. Fist thing I did was go through the fuse panel I found 3 fuses blown as well as the fuse behind the radio with that all fixed still I wasnt getting anything. So i took the dash apart i found a blown fuse for input on the remote. I checked all the grounds i could find make sure they had proper connection. Still no compressors turning on. I traced the wires to find the high voltage relay which was hidden in the bed. That ended up being blown, and was shorting out, one of the grounds for the compressors as well was shotty the place they mounted it got rusted to shit. I had to get it to lift off the ground so I can move it so I jumped the relay, 4guage to 4guage and boom compressors turned on, build the guage up to 120 lbs and popped them bags up straight off the Jack. I noticed the truck was dumping un even, so I checked out the lines they had mufflers on them I took them off they were packed with garbage, like plastic film I took them off to be open Atmosphere. Dont know if that's good or bad but it sounds cool Asf. I do not know much about Air bags or Dodge Dakotas so it's all new but I got a vision for this truck and ima complete it. So here is El Rey Gallo Negro,
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