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was up ridas,i',m lookin at havin my avalanche bagged in the future.i plan on using 1/2
inch lines,with front back and sides to side.

who makes a good kit?

i'm not sure how many gallons of would be needed.

whats the cost on parts and installion???

i don't wanna c notch my frame,and i don't really wanna use drop spindles up front.

any tips,advice and pointers will be well apreciated.

its been a while since i had a car bagged,back then it cost me 2 grand to do it,it was a 91 caprice,on billet wheels,i had 15 gallons of air,3 compressors,electric valves,and 3/8 lines.

it was cool,but i need something alot better for my truck.
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