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Aight i have alot of confusion about paint jobs and how to do them. i paint like models and stuff but there never painted properly and now im painting a bike and need some descriptions of different paint jobs. i think this will also help newbies lik emyself with alot of there questions.

ok so here are the paint jobs. if you can jus say like wut coats go on first (because im jus that stupid and dont know) for instance on a one color paint job i know primer first, but then wut comes after that? thats the kind of basic description im talkin bout. because i know no one can tell how to paint...but i need a starting a push so if you guys could describe the process on each of these it would be very helpful

- Plain ole one color paint job

-flake job

-pearl job


these are pretty much the only ones that have been troubling me

and i did a bizzilion and one seaches looking for threads that could answer these simple questions and couldnt find any

please help

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