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ok so last night i hooked up my schumaker multi charger to my batts. red clamp on the main positive , and black on the main negative. i turned the selector to 48 volts pulled the disconnect, and pit it on 10 amps. i heard and felt the charger humming but when i turned it on, the guage on it was in the green. but all of my batts read like 11.XXX under 12v. why didnt it charge my batts? this is the first time this happened, and i NEED to charge my shit. right now i have the caddy leveled out and my switch box unplugged, but the charger has only been used a hand full of times and worked great every time?

is something broke in the charger that i might be able to fix? i pulled out the fuse for shits its a glass fuze, but it appeared to have white paper around the glass, if the fuse was blown i dont think it would have turned on tho....

can any one help me? i paid good money for that bitch and dont really have any spare cash to get a new one. and im not going to auto zone to have them charged f##k that. they are way to heavy to pull out
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