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Anyone know right off what the LOWRIDER MAGAZINE rules are for battery trays. I mean in plain English?

Can I use two 5/8" thick steel brackets to the frame rails,
Then from these brackets, build for the base for tray with 1/2" thick steel,
Then on this base, build the tray itself with 3/8" steel?

The bracket will be 5/8"x8"x8"
the base will be 56" x1/2"x8"
the tray will be approx. 72" long, 12" wide and 3" in depth.

Weight of tray, about 200 pounds. To hold approx 720 pounds in batteries. Overall weight approx 935 pounds. Or is this cheating?:biggrin:

The reason for all this is that I want to be able to remove the base/tray at will. The tray will be in two large pieces and will bolt to the base. (which is bolted to the brackets, which are then bolted to the frame rails).

Thanks for all the past advice.
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