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wuts better than the optima yellow top ? Ive had it for bout 3 years as my main batt but now I want to run a second batt just for the system. So wut should I go wit ?

This is wut Im runnin, kicker kx850, 2 one farred digital caps, one 15 inch L7 and soon will be adding a 4ch amp and neon inside the truck ( s10 xtreme 2.2 4 banger)
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Go ahead a get a second yellow top, so that you have like batteries
4 gauge, not bigger then 0 gauge, I just think that 1/0 Gauge is overkill unless you have a big system, take it from me 1/0 gauge is fun to work with.
Well I would not use Welding cable from the distribution block to the Amps, but from the Alternator to the Battery would be cool. Welding wire is not designed to be used with a Car Stereo amplifier.
If you cut a welding lead you will see very large wires, maybe 50 strands per wire, where a Power wire from Phonexis gold might have 250 strands per wire. There is a long story that I do not feel like typing, but maybe one of the computer guys can find a link to explain it. Trust me, just don't use Welding wire.
It is different wire, it has to do with the Oscillation, and how the amp sees the Power
Originally posted by snoopdan@Sep 16 2005, 02:54 PM~3828940
  you go with that..... while me and Pitbullx sit back and split a case of beer off the money we saved from buying perfectly good wire from an electrical supply house for 1/3 the price.

Then I am gonna sit back and watch you guys come on here and complain that your amp was fucked up some how or another.
People just have to learn the hard way.
Well then what type of Welding wire are you using. Secondly, if you were to look at my AVATAR you will see that I am in the Navy. I have been installing since like 91, and I tried the whole Welding wire thing. What I said was that you can run Welding wire from the Alternator to the Distribution Box, but from there you should run Standard Car Stereo Power wire. If that was the case I am sure that you would be able to go to a car stereo shop, and there you would find a bunch of people running Welding wire, vice Stinger, Phoenix Gold, but I am sure that you know better then them, so go ahead, take care of yourself however you feel you need to be. Lastly if you are that into World finals, and all the rest of that bullshit, you should be able to get a discount price, and you should not be paying $3.59 a foot. I don't pay that much for power wire.
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Actually I was only gonna reply once more, so unless they keep writing, I will only answer one more time. But I agree, we can get at least one more page outta this
Originally posted by Pitbullx@Sep 20 2005, 12:22 AM~3847909
I could have a long drawn out reply but thats not going to change anything.... You think welding cable cannot be used in car audio applications then continue thinking that. And contrary to what you seem to think you know, the vast majority of compeititors out there pay full price for what they run and I was one of those people. Stop all the hate and relax rookie.. its not that bad
ROOKIE. HA Get over a 1,000 post and talk shit, NEWBIE

And even when I was on the scene, I did not know any compeititors that were paying full price, so you must not be that connected, and who are these compeititors that you know.

HMMM I wonder who this is. Remembered me from Stone Mountain GA.


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:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:
Originally posted by Kool-aid@Sep 20 2005, 02:19 PM~3850952
i think im gonna lose my bet
Who did you bet, cause we can work out some things
Originally posted by kannabis@Sep 20 2005, 03:56 PM~3851666
Ok, I'll ask....

who the fuck are these people?  :dunno:
It is Me and Fishman

If you do not know who fishman is, he is probably one of the Top installer in the world. His work with Fiberglass has changed the way people instal stereos. He was also the First person to instal a Fish tank in his vehicle
Originally posted by Pitbullx@Sep 20 2005, 04:48 PM~3852087
he is one of the most creative installers and has some of the best lookin isht, but as far as sound goes Id place him behind several other installers... ie Biggs, Eldridge, Fukuda, Ross etc.
None of those guys holds a candle to Richard Clark, but Fish change the Installation aspect, he was not about SQ, but most of those guys are okay, came after the real pros, like Speaker Works
Originally posted by Pitbullx@Sep 21 2005, 10:14 AM~3856301
Ive never heard of any of Clarks installs, but if you think Biggs, Eldridge, Fukuda, and Ross are only "ok" then you dont know much about high end installs. Ive sat in the Speaker works Grand National and it sounded amazing just like Marks 4runner and Garys Regal did. Ask someone thats really into high end sq and they will let you know the same thing...
Well then it tells me alot if you do not know Richard Clark, considering he never lost a Car Stereo Competition, when Biggs, Elridge, fukuda were losing too him. He was the one that bought the Speaker Works Buick, and re did it completelely. He introduced the world to Caps, 6 Speakers with 9 Amps. You name anything that is new in Car Stereo and he started it. I am just wondering when you sat in the Speaker Works Grand National, considering it has been sitting in his garage since about 1995. :dunno:
At least we stopped argueing about bullshit.
Originally posted by CuttieBuddie@Sep 21 2005, 03:50 PM~3858550

lets all go out and buy pyle subs, and pyramid amps (cant forget about the sony coaxils for the highs and mids)

Going to the Pawn shop right now.
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