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wuts better than the optima yellow top ? Ive had it for bout 3 years as my main batt but now I want to run a second batt just for the system. So wut should I go wit ?

This is wut Im runnin, kicker kx850, 2 one farred digital caps, one 15 inch L7 and soon will be adding a 4ch amp and neon inside the truck ( s10 xtreme 2.2 4 banger)
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Originally posted by dirtywhiteboy66@Sep 20 2005, 07:43 AM~3848998
ROOKIE.  HA Get over a 1,000 post and talk shit, NEWBIE

And even when I was on the scene, I did not know any compeititors that were paying full price, so you must not be that connected, and who are these compeititors that you know. 

HMMM I wonder who this is.  Remembered me from Stone Mountain GA.
Ok, I'll ask....

who the fuck are these people? :dunno:
Originally posted by dirtywhiteboy66@Sep 20 2005, 03:41 PM~3852011
It is Me and Fishman

If you do not know who fishman is, he is probably one of the Top installer in the world.  His work with Fiberglass has changed the way people instal stereos.  He was also the First person to instal a Fish tank in his vehicle

I thought it looked like him. I saw him on an episode of McGuire Car Crazy. I guess the camera adds 10 pounds.
1 - 2 of 63 Posts
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