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Space is limited in the trunk w/ the hydros. But I could squeez in 2 bazooka bass tubes on each side of the trunk b/c of their shape and size. LAW or hydroguru, Ive seen them in his car...I was wondering how they sound? I just want some solid bass. I was gonna get an L7 and custom make a box but space is kill'n me...whats the good word?
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dont listen to S10. . anything Kraco is shit and dont have the ability to "hit"

Im not a big fan of bass tubes myself.

I would suggest getting Free Air Subs. All you need is a baffle for them approxately 2" around the surface of the cone area and you will be fine. Cadene Solo Beasts sound petty good for small free air subs. Adire Audio Brahmas are free-air as well
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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