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Space is limited in the trunk w/ the hydros. But I could squeez in 2 bazooka bass tubes on each side of the trunk b/c of their shape and size. LAW or hydroguru, Ive seen them in his car...I was wondering how they sound? I just want some solid bass. I was gonna get an L7 and custom make a box but space is kill'n me...whats the good word?
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if you want something small, yet sounds good... check out their RE series.. the 8s, they run around 40shipped, and I've heard nothing bad about them at all.. you might be able to get a 10....

that is if you just want a little extra thump...

how much were you looking to spend? and what exactly do you define "good solid bass" as? are you looking for it to get loud? sound good? both?
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