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Space is limited in the trunk w/ the hydros. But I could squeez in 2 bazooka bass tubes on each side of the trunk b/c of their shape and size. LAW or hydroguru, Ive seen them in his car...I was wondering how they sound? I just want some solid bass. I was gonna get an L7 and custom make a box but space is kill'n me...whats the good word?
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ttt :angry:
My other option has been pulling the back seat but I dont like that idea too much... so Im still look'n.

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By good solid bass. I mean you can feel it in your chest, but I dont want it shaking things outside or if it does I dont really care. I had 2 12" JBL DVC's before I had the juice in the car and it shook everything. I dont want that necesarrily but I dont wanna be dissapointed. So its already wired up to the trunk, just need to fill it in w/ a sub...price around 150-200. :(
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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