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I am in the process of putting together a complete system for my 78 DeVille. I have already purchased a 12" Kicker L7 and waiting on my Eclipse CD5030 HU and Kicker 08ZX750.1 amp to be delivered. I plan on having a custom ported box built and tuned by a local shop. I want the system to have good overall SQ with nice clean bass. I would like to keep the interior stock as possible so I have decided to go with 4x6 plate speakers up front and 6x9s in the rear. From what I read the Kappas seem to be the best speakers available for my application. The Eclipse HU is suppossed to have plenty of power but I know I will appreciate the Kappas more if they are working at their full potential, so I am also thinking about getting a Kicker 08ZX350.4 amp for them.

Am I missing something?

Are there better speakers available in the same price range?

Do the Kappas really need external power to get good SQ?

Thanks for any input.
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