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I have been thinking about SQ vs SPL and sealed vs ported and was wondering why i cant have both? First off as some of you already know i am taking the back seat out of my 78 olds cutlass supreme and building a custom sub box and amp rack.My first plan was to put my 2 Brahma 12" subs in a sealed box running off my 2 kicker 1200.1 amps pushing 1200 watts @ 1ohm to each sub. If possible i would like to add 2 12" Kicker L7's in a ported box with 2 Kicker 600.1 amps pushing 600 watts @ 2ohm's to each L7. Wouls this setup give me the best of both worlds? Or would this setup be at least better then just the 2 brahmas? Also in trying to figure out what size box to build my brahmas i ran accross the Power handiling page at Adair's web site and it confused me. What size sealed box would i have to build so that i can run 1200 watts to each sub without over powering tham? Thanks for the help
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