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I'm looking for the best way to hook up my chevy truck toget a few extra inches of lift when I need it, and still have a great ride.

I figures in the back,but hook a the cylinder to a the leaf or add in small coils, whatever and keep the shocks.

in the front, what would i need to do? just like a normal hydro seyup, but softer springs and an accumulator?

I'd be running a lame little 1 pump 4 dump setup of of 24v or less.

like I said, i want what air bags initially did when they came onto the market,but i dont want to be labled a mini truckin guy anyway,plus i just want to keep it traditional, especially if I decided to keep wires in the truck.

so lets see, if i want to use 4 dumps instead of 2,I'd need 2 accumulators for the front?

I've got 2 other cars with 2pump 4 dump systems on 3 tons springs and stock front cpilcs in the rear, and I want to stay as far away from that ride as possible,I just want to slam this big ass pickup down, and still be able to pull into McDonalds drive through too.

i guess i need to start searching for some parts or eBay.

soprry if I'm not making much sense.I'm trying to get over a bad case of mononucleosis topper with a sinus infection, and i cant hardly see the screen anyway

thanks for the help,andrew
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