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Which is the best sub/speaker combo? on an ok price.

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depends on the car (speaker size), trunk size, box size, etc...

i have RF 6 1/2" 3-ways up front, 2 pioneer amps (2-chan and a 4), 2, 12" EL series Bazooka Subs in a 2.4 cu ft. box, 2 separatly sealed compartments, and a cheapie alpine deck.

it has cost me a total of $900 with custom crushed velvet upholestry on the back of the seat and the box. Thats with no install cost (did it myself). and with a good deal of "free" wire. heh, heh, i think you all know what that means :biggrin:

if you have more money, less money, holla

and this system makes my throat hurt from all of the bass, and thats with the gains turned partway down, and the front stage is crystal clear and LOUD, but there is little to no distortion.

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