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Biggest size?

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i have a 84 landau, and i want to see wuts the tallest cylinder i can go witout changing or mod. anythin yet.... so wuts the tallset?? i kinda dont want 10s, so can i get 12s?? i did a search but I didnt find anything that would help me...
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Originally posted by KINGFISH_CUSTOMS@Jan 2 2009, 06:31 PM~12587201
if u dont intend on getting a taller cylinder later then do the 12's or 10's...u shoudlnt have a problem with the 10's,  its possible u might if u use 12's but youll still get the same amount of lift with the 12's as u would with the 10's just gives you a lil extra room....u can run 14's and youll still get teh same lift as u would with the 10's but gives u the option of doing a nice 3 wheel or standing 3 wheel if u run 2 pumps to the rear.... and if u think youll go bigger later on u may as well just get the 14's and save urself the money of having to buy 2 sets of cylinders...either way 10's, 12' or 14's youll get the same amount of lift until u run into pinion angle problems if u ran taller cylinder, just with the taller ones it gives u room to play
Thanks ... I just turned 17 and i wanna go to school and ride locked up but i want it to be alil high just to nake tha otha guys at scool that has lowrider think i can do alil damage..
Well i can fab a drop mount and extend my upper arms, and a longer brake line. ater that wut all do i need
ok... so dat mean i need to go to work! n so if i exten the lower by so many inches is how much i need to take off tha shaft and add a yoke.?
That bad azz! thats tha hieght i would like to havewen i get finished wit my ride! wut size cylinders do u have??
kool! its a drive shaft place near me n i think might have yokes that they use on those u-haule size trucks.
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