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Binky's 64 Impala Wagon Build

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Pics of when i found the car

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I always loved 64 wagons with the square tail lights
This one looks good man
Thanks joel. No rust, no bondo. Floors are great. Need to get motivated and make some progress
Good luck on build!!!!!! I will be watching, I love wagons!!!!!!!!!
SInce the Car didnt come with a motor and Tranny the hunt was on to find something to try to keep it original. Since it was a v8 car from the Factory i decided on a 327 and 2 speed powerglide..

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With the motor home it was time to tear it down and give it a fresh start. Pulled it all apart and found all new rod and main bearings engine had been rebuilt before the old owner pulled it out. so with some valve clean up, new timing chain and oil pump and new gaskets it slowly transformed

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