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Im not an expert by far but blue smoke is usually usually means your burning oil. I had that problem with my Cutlass. I drained the old oil, changed the oil filter, ran some Gunk motor flush through the engine, then I changed the oil and filter again. (I just felt it was right, my engine was neglected)

Then I added some smoke-b-gone to the fresh oil. (It is supposed to seal up leaking piston rings that causes oil burning and so far its doing a good job)

I also changed out the spark plugs, distributor cap, and the distributor rotor. (All new)

My Cutlass ran GREAT afterwords.

Then after that stuff I poured some Sea-Foam into the carburetor to clean the engine out. It gets out carbon build-up and does allot of other things.

My car is running great now from that.

Sometimes a little tune up and cleaning will make all the difference. Burning oil is known to be a sign of leaking piston rings though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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